Lillington Bowling Club

Coaching Facilities

The club has four level 2 qualified Lawn Bowls Coaches.

For established bowlers
If you have bowled before and wish to join the club, you will be asked to join one of our coaches for a few trial ends. On successful completion your application will be cleared, and you will be given full access to the Green. Our coaches are also available throughout the open season for the development of more advanced skills. Just ask one of the coaches what you would like to practice.

For new bowlers
For those of you taking up bowls as a new sport we offer a four-week induction programme led by our qualified coaches. At the outset there is no charge. This course is held every Monday night in late May and early June, commencing at 6pm. These events are very relaxed and designed to give you a full introduction to the sport. You will be given advice on how to choose the right size of bowl, how to grip and deliver the bowl, the different positions within a bowls team, and the etiquette of the sport. At the end of the programme our coaches will decide whether your ability is now at a level for you to join the club. At this stage, you will be asked to complete an application form for membership.

For those not able to join our early season induction course, the coaches will be pleased to arrange a series of coaching sessions with you later on in the season. To enrol on any of our courses, please contact the club Secretary.
All new members are then provided with a full introduction to the club. You will be invited to join in a discussion with some of the club’s senior members, who will highlight how you can get involved in all aspects of the club such as galas, friendly and competitive matches and social events. You will also be linked with a mentor (a bowling buddy), who will provide you with guidance and encouragement during your early weeks with us. Our intention is to make you feel welcome and to get you involved in the LBC community.

Club galas
The club runs mixed bowls galas every Tuesday evening (6pm) and Friday afternoon (2pm) in the open season. Here you will join a group of other players (men and ladies) and be put into a team for a friendly match. Galas run for about two hours. For those new to the sport, galas provide an excellent way in which to learn and hone your skills. More experienced players will be there to provide help and encouragement whenever needed. Galas are friendly outings where you will meet many of the club’s members and they provide an excellent steppingstone for more competitive bowling.
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