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Use of snooker room: Covid-19 arrangements
Posted by Secretary on 29 September 2020
No more than SIX people at a time in the room comprising
- no more than TWO players per table
- no more than THREE seated at "Bar end" of the room.

No Snooker "Doubles" games are permitted.

At all times players must maintain MINIMUM 1m separation from each other, always with due regard for any players on the other table
- the tables can be used as a continual distancing check.

All players must use their own personal cues
- club cues will not be available.

Only one of each rest-type will be available for use.

BEFORE and AFTER each game, all players to sanitise their hands with antiseptic gel.

BEFORE and AFTER each game, table-edges, rests and scoreboards to be wiped with antiseptic wipes
- used wipes to be bagged and removed from the Clubhouse at the end of the playing session.

At the end of the playing session, balls to be washed with hot, soapy water and dried.

Unless Bar facilities are available, players may bring in drinks for their own consumption
- empty cans / bottles to be removed from the Clubhouse.

Only the Disabled WC will be available for use
WC seat and WHB Taps to be wiped with antiseptic wipes after use
- used wipes to be bagged and removed from the Clubhouse.

Short-mat Bowls: Arrangements and Procedures
Posted by Secretary on 25 September 2020
The Club’s short-mat sessions will be open for members from Monday 5th October 2020.

Short-mat session availability:
Monday 2pm-4pm
Tuesday 2pm-4pm and 6.30pm-8.30pm
Wednesday 2pm-4pm
Further sessions can be offered if there is a demand

Strict booking conditions apply:
1 One short-mat will be available for play.
2 Only up to 6 members can play at any time. No spectators.
3 To play, members must book-in by telephoning Chris Venn (01926 881229). Members cannot just turn-up and play.
4 There is no charge for play.

Covid-19 secure venue
To ensure that the Club is health and safety compliant the following conditions must be met:
1 Each team will be responsible for handling the mat and jack at a particular end; that is, team 1 at the kitchen end and team 2 at the lounge end.
2 The relevant “skip” will place the jack to suit the lead team. Other players may only move the jack with their feet.
3 The relevant “lead” will place the mat by holding the end marked ‘L’. The relevant “skip” will remove the mat by holding the end marked ‘S’. No other player may touch the mat.
4 One player should be designated to operate the score board.
5 Players must use their own woods whenever possible. Club woods will be available for players without their own woods, but these must be sanitised before and after play. During play you must not handle anyone else's woods.
6 At the end of each session it is the responsibility of players to cleanse all equipment and other contact surfaces. Please allow 10 minutes at the end of your game for this. Hygienic wipes and disinfectant sprays will be provided:
a) All jacks and mats must be wiped/sprayed after use.
b) All contact surfaces (chairs, tables, door handles, scoreboard, borrowed club woods etc) must wiped/sprayed after use.
Social distancing must always be observed. Seats will be set out at 2m spacing each side of the mat for use by players.

Clubhouse access and regulations
1 Access to the clubhouse will be through the reception area, all other parts of the clubhouse (bar, kitchen, snooker room) will be closed.
2 Bins will be provided to dispose of the wipes.
3 Only the disabled toilet will be available for use but it must be cleansed after usage. A notice within the toilet will provide instruction.
4 To ensure adequate ventilation and through flow of clean air, designated windows in the lounge and snug areas as well as the skylights in the dining room must be open when the clubhouse is in use. At the start of the session the designated windows must be opened and closed again at the end of the session for security purposes. Although the heating will be on, players need to be prepared for cool playing conditions.
5 A hand sanitiser will be available at the entrance door and must be used before entry to the club. Other hand sanitisers will be available in the playing area and the disabled toilet. Players should use them frequently.
6 Players may bring their own drinks but must take any rubbish away with them.

Club Covid Competitions
Posted by Mike on 24 August 2020
Club "league format" tournaments are reported in the "League Tables" tab. The others are listed here:-

Men’s Covid Singles
Bye (1) Paul Smith
Bye (2) Ian Henderson
Sid Solanki (3) Colin Daly
Bye (4) Phillip Page
Mike Thomas (5) Bye
Stephen Poole (6) Bye
Bye (7) Geraint Williams
Martin Preedy (8) John Henfrey Won


Paul Smith (9) Ian Henderson Won
Sid Solanki Won (10) Phillip Page
Mike Thomas (11) Stephen Poole Woin
Geraint Williams Won (12) John Henfrey


Ian Henderson (13) Sid Solanki Won
Stephen Poole Won (14) Geraint Williams

Sid Solanki (15) Stephen Poole

Ladies' Covid Singles

Preliminary Round

Jane Malone (1) Jenny Corn
Kay Gebbels (2) Pam Ponting

jenny Corn Won Kay Gebbels
Tracey Walmsley Won (4) Linda Kirby

Jenny Corn (5) Tracey Walmsley

Men's Covid Pairs SEE "League Tables" tab for leaders table

on points difference from Steve Poole and Clive Radford

Ladies Covid Pairs


Covid Triples
Group A
Ellicott/Walmsley/Thomas13 -- Preedy/Henfrey/Corn 11
Ellicott/Walmsley/Thomas 25 -- Gallagher/Gagg/Gagg 9
Gallagher/Gagg/Gagg 9 -- Preedy/Henfrey/Corn 20

Winners A Ellicott/Walmsley/Thomas
Runners up A Preedy/Henfrey/Corn

Group B
Kirby/Radford/Poole 16 - Solanki/Malone/Henderson 11
Solanki/Malone/Henderson 21 -- Cox/Daly/Smith 16
Kirby/Radford/Poole -- Cox/Daly/Smith

Winners B Kirby/Radford/Poole
Runners up B Solanki/Malone/Henderson

Semi finals :-
Kirby/Radford/Poole beat Preedy/Henfrey/Corn
Ellicott/Walmsley/Thomas beat Solanki/Malone/Henderson

Final 30th September
Kirby/Radford/Poole vs Ellicott/Walmsley/Thomas

Covid-19 Rules Update 9th July
Posted by Secretary on 09 July 2020
Rules of play under Covid-19 from 9th July 2020
1 To play you MUST book a rink. A playlist will be posted in the clubhouse foyer. The rink will be
booked to a single named person who will organise the players on that rink. Rinks must be prebooked, members are not allowed to play on a free rink without making a telephone booking.
Players may bring visitors as spectators who must abide by the requirements for social distancing
and other relevant rules.
2 The duty greenkeeper may visit at any time during the day to check on the condition of the green
or to move rink markers.
3 Players should not turn-up more than 20 minutes before their booked time. If players
arrive before this time they must stay in their cars or if on foot keep out of the club
4 Social distancing MUST always be maintained, for example when entering and leaving
the green.
5 Players MUST all be off the green and off the club grounds before the next group of
players can enter.
6 Entrance to the green is via the foyer; all players and visitors MUST use the hand sanitiser
provided at the entrance door. Hand sanitisers will be available around the green.
7 Players will collect their jacks from the sanitisation bath and rinse them in the
water bath provided. Sanitised mats will be hanging on the ladder. Instructions for sanitising
equipment before and after play are posted on the wall where the mats and jacks are kept.
8 Players MUST only use their own woods. No woods can be borrowed from the
equipment store.
9 For singles games (unless the players are from the same household) one player MUST be
designated to handle the mat and another player to place the jacks. Two mats and two jacks will be
required. For doubles and triples games each team MUST have their own mats and jack. Only the
number 1 player on each team will be allowed to handle their teams mat and cast the jack. This will
require 2 mats at each end and 2 jacks (one white and one yellow). Players MUST always only
handle their own woods and maintain social distancing.
10 When leaving the green, all players MUST place the jacks and mats back in in the
sanitisation bath. The mats should then be rinsed and hung over the ladder to dry.
11 The wooden benches will be available for seating.
12 Please ensure that every player abides by the sanitisation process.
13 If no players are booked-in for a given time, please close the clubhouse door to the green. The
next players will open-up. Sanitisers will be available.
14 If you are the last group of players for the day, please ensure the foyer door to the green
is locked before leaving. Later another club member will put the mats and jacks away in
the equipment store.
15 For security the main door into the foyer must be kept closed when not in use.
We trust that you recognise that these rules and regulations are in place to ensure the maximum
welfare of our members.
Should you decide to play, we hope you enjoy your game.
Hugh Matthews on behalf of the Trustees and Management Committee
Covid Triples League
Posted by Phil Sampson on 01 July 2020
1. INTRODUCTION The aim of this new league is to provide a flexible framework for interclub mixed competitive matches to take place in a simple league format with modified playing & safety rules during the COVID 19 restrictions. The guiding principle of these rules is to enable as many local players as possible to enjoy competitive bowls during COVID restrictions. There is no intention to continue this structure when COVID restrictions are lifted.
Full playing guidelines will be issued to each player.


Due to current Bowls England regulations, the playing format will be triples with one triples team playing at home and one away - at the same time. If this is not possible, then both rinks may play in one location. However, with the government guidance in place at the time of writing, the two rinks must not physically interact before, during or after the match. If a team is not operating as an insured Bowls Club then appropriate arrangements must be made with the home venue.

Anybody who is interested in playing to contact Steve Poole on 07816014555 or email
Covid-19 Rules of play
Posted by Secretary on 11 June 2020
Rules of play
1 To play you MUST book a rink. A playlist will be posted on the gate in the upper carpark.
2 The duty greenkeeper may visit at any time during the day to check on the condition of the green or to move rink markers. Anyone else turning-up (spectators or on the off-chance of a free rink) are not allowed to enter the club grounds.
3 Players should not turn-up more than 20 minutes before their booked time. If players arrive before this time they must stay in their cars or if on foot keep out of the club carpark.
4 Social distancing MUST always be maintained, for example when entering and leaving the green.
5 Players MUST all be off the green and off the club grounds before the next group of players can enter.
6 When entering the green, all players MUST use the provided hand sanitisers. Hand sanitisers will be available on each rink.
7 Players will collect 2 mats and 2 jacks from the sanitisation bath and rinse them in the water bath provided. Players MUST only use their own woods. No woods can be borrowed from the equipment store.
8 Unless the players are from the same household one player MUST be designated to handle the mat and the other player to place the jacks. (This rule also applies for each pair). Players MUST always only handle their own woods and maintain social distancing.
9 When leaving the green, all players MUST place the jacks and mats back in in the sanitisation bath.
10 If a chair has been used for changing shoes a player MUST use the sanitisation wipes provided to wipe down the chair. Players MUST take away any rubbish including used wipes.
11 Please ensure that every player abides by the sanitisation process.
12 If no players are booked-in for a given time, please lock the gate (do not use the keyed padlock a combination lock will be provided - code 321). The next players will open-up. Sanitisers will be available.
13 If you are the last group of players for the day, please ensure all equipment, including sanitisers, are returned to the equipment store, the sanitisation and rinse baths are emptied and the gate is locked with the combination lock before leaving. Later another club member will lock the equipment store and secure the gate with the keyed padlock.
To assist you with these rules Ian Henderson has produced a video on You Tube which highlights what needs to be carried out when i) entering the club grounds; ii) prior to play; iii) when finishing play; and iv) when leaving the club grounds. As part of our Covid-19 regulations, all players are required to watch this video.
We trust that you recognise that these rules and regulations are in place to ensure the maximum welfare of our members.
Should you decide to play, we hope you enjoy your game.

Hugh Matthews on behalf of the Trustees and Management Committee

Green opening for singles and pairs, on more days, for longer plays and later fi
Posted by Secretary on 11 June 2020
From Monday 15th June
Green opening for singles and pairs, on more days, for longer plays and later finishes

Our two-week “trial” is nearing completion. Following feedback from members and our marshals we are pleased to let you know that we are introducing some significant changes.
First, we are opening the green for four days, for 90-minute slots, finishing later:
Monday: 12.00 -19.30
Wednesday: 10.00 -19.30
Friday: 10.00 -19.30
Saturday: 10.00 -19.30
If demand for bookings increases, we will open-up on more days.
Second, we are allowing pairs as well as singles. You can now play with up to three other people, not necessarily from your household. However, social distancing MUST be maintained, so only 3 rinks will be available.
Third, there will be no marshals overseeing play. Instead, you must observe the strict “rules of play”, which are attached (these are also posted on the website and will be on the entrance gate to the green). Also, you are required to watch a video on You Tube that highlights all aspects of our sanitisation processes.
To play, you need to book a slot with Chris Venn on 01926 881229. Rinks are available at the following times:
10.00 – 11.30 Not Monday
12.00 – 13.30
14.00 – 15.30
16.00 – 17.30
18.00 – 19.30

We hope that you will enjoy your game and feel reassured about the health and safety measures that are in place.
Hugh Matthews

Bowls England revised guidelines to clubs (2nd June)
Posted by Secretary on 03 June 2020
The Government confirmed yesterday (Monday 1st June) that groups of six can now meet outside provided people from different households observe social distancing (staying at least 2m apart).

The key changes in the latest guidance reflect:
The increase in number of people permitted to participate together on a single rink;
Provision for clubs to consider attendance by spectators;
Provision for clubs to consider additional equipment;
Increase in number of people that can receive coaching at any one time.

Full details are available on the Bowls England website.
Bowls has started again at LBC
Posted by Secretary on 02 June 2020
On Monday 1st June, we opened the green for the first time. Playing conditions were magnificent thanks to the hard work of the Green Team. Feedback from players and marshals suggests that everyone had an enjoyable time. All our sanitisation arrangements were appreciated, providing peace of mind for those present.
We have two more days this week when the green will be open, Wednesday and Friday, and Chris Venn reports that we still have many unfilled slots. If you would like to play, just give Chris a telephone call on 01926 881229.
Next week the green will be open on Tuesday (9th), Thursday (11th) and Saturday (13th) at the same times as this week. You need to book a slot to play. Just give Chris a telephone call. Please ensure that you read our “Covid-19 Arrangements and Rules for Play” document, which is posted in the downloads section of the website.
Playing times
10.00 - 11.00
11.30 - 12.30
13.00 - 14.00
14.30 - 15.30
16.00 -17.00
17.30 - 18.30
We look forward to welcoming you back at the club.
COVID-19: Supplementary Guidance for Lawn Bowls Clubs
Posted by Secretary on 15 May 2020
The Government (DCMS) published its full guidance on the return of outdoor sport and recreation, including lawn bowls, last night (13th May).

We are pleased to inform you that our bowls-specific guidance was approved by DCMS this afternoon.

Click here to view our guidance document in full.

We remind you that the Government advises that clubs should only reopen or restart activities as soon as they feel able to do so safely.
The management committee and trustees are now considering the implications of these guidelines for LBC. Our intention is to see whether we can meet each precept whilst ensuring a "least risk playing environment" for our members. The guidelines raise multiple issues to do with health and safety, club organisation and day-to-day security. We hope to report back in the very near future.
Bowls England Holding Statement
Posted by Secretary on 12 May 2020

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced on Sunday night that lockdown restrictions would be eased in relation to physical activity and that some outdoor areas, including bowling greens, would be allowed to reopen from Wednesday 13th May.

This announcement, and the subsequent release of more detailed guidance yesterday, has led to a fresh influx of enquiries from Clubs, County Associations and individual members regarding what this will mean for our sport.

Bowls England, and many other national sporting bodies, are still digesting the various documents and awaiting direction from the Government on a range of issues that is expected to include, but not be limited to, the use of toilets, changing rooms and other facilities. As soon as this information is available, we will provide this to you at the earliest opportunity.

Whilst our aim is to expedite the safe resumption of our sport, I am sure you will understand that this is a complex situation and requires due consideration. We are currently developing some bowls specific guidance, which will assist with many of the practical issues that will need to be considered by Clubs and players. Additionally, a number of Clubs have already shared with us some of their own ideas for restarting locally, and we shall seek to incorporate these within the guidance document. This will be shared in the coming days. We will also be analysing the response to our recent Club Survey in order to determine the priorities for our members over the coming months.

In the meantime, we would recommend you digest the guidance from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). Many Clubs may feel that they have taken all the necessary steps in order to facilitate their Club reopening, whereas others may wish to wait. Similarly, whilst many players are clearly keen to get back on the green, others may choose not to do so immediately. It will be for individuals and Clubs to determine when they are ready to enjoy our sport once more, and we hope that guidance we will be issuing will support you do to this safely.
The management committee and trustees are actively considering the way forward. Our decision will be based on the bowls specific guidance (as noted above) that will be provided by Bowls England and what we consider to be in the best interests of the club and the welfare of our members.
Coronavirus update
Posted by Secretary on 12 May 2020
Statement from Bowls England.


Following the Prime Minister’s statement on Sunday 10th May and subsequent publication of the UK Government’s COVID-19 Recovery Strategy yesterday, Bowls England is seeking clarification from Government in order to publish the best operational guidance for our clubs and members ahead of any return to play.

We will communicate guidance as soon as it is practicable. We appreciate your patience and understanding at this time.
Matt Wordingham
Publications / Media Officer

The Management Committee and Trustees of LBC are awaiting firm guidance before any decision is taken about re-opening the green for bowls. Our policy will be based on the best interests of the club and the well-being of our members.
All County Competitions: Coronavirus Update
Posted by Secretary on 23 March 2020
WCBA, WWBA and SWBA have each decided to cancel their full programme of competitions for 2020.
Bowls England Press Release: Coronavirus Actions
Posted by Secretary on 18 March 2020

Bowls England has announced the cancellation of all its domestic events ahead of the 2020 lawn bowls season in response to the latest Government advice and growing concerns from bowlers about how the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak will impact lawn bowls.

The decision, which was reached at an Emergency Meeting of Board members and key staff, held on Tuesday 17th March, covers all National Championships, National Competitions and other domestic events. Discussions are ongoing with the British Isles Bowls Council and British Isles Women’s Bowls Council with regard to British Isles events this year.

Bowls England will be providing support and advice to clubs and county associations over the coming weeks to ensure the future of the sport – including plans for a proposed ‘Festival of Bowls’ later in the season.

Tony Allcock OBE, Bowls England Chief Executive, said: “Every organisation is currently coming to terms with a global situation that is unprecedented, to which Bowls England is sadly not immune. The National Finals are the conclusion of a long process that starts each year in May, therefore it is not possible for the qualification process to be completed in time throughout our 35 county associations.

“However, bowlers are known to be resilient and have proven in the past that they join together and support each other in the time of need. Now, more than ever, is the time for us all to work together to ensure that our clubs and bowling greens are available when it is deemed safe to resume our much-loved sport. So we would urge our members to commit to their clubs, keep an eye out for their fellow members who may feel isolated and be ready to get back on the greens when Government guidance allows.

“Finally, I wish to thank my staff team for their support at this time in managing this ever-changing situation. We have been inundated with enquiries from our clubs and county associations, and we will ensure that each and every enquiry is responded to in the coming days. However, our priority in the next two days will be ensuring that our staff are able to work from home effectively from next Monday”

The Board agreed that one of the most important areas of work for Bowls England over the coming weeks will be club support. Bowls England plans to provide advice and support on subjects including:

a. Coronavirus Guidance
b. Minimum amount of Greens Maintenance required so greens are playable when we resume bowling
c. Funding (including Club Loans and encouraging bowlers to support their clubs financially by continuing to pay their annual subscriptions – so clubs will still be there for them when we resume bowling)
d. Recruitment
e. Looking after each other (including encouraging members to keep an eye out for each other, especially fellow bowlers who may live on their own)
f. Staying Fit (including producing a ‘Bowlers’ Workout’ in order to keep members active during isolation or working from home)

Other key decisions taken by the Board were:

1. Bowls England office to close with effect from Friday 20th March and all staff (including Coach Bowls employees) to work from home with effect from Monday 23rd March – support for Clubs and County Associations will continue as normal.
2. Work on the new Bowls England Head Office is put ‘on hold’ until further notice
3. In support of Clubs at this difficult time, Bowls England will refund the Affiliation Fees paid for 2020 by each playing member. Bowls England will arrange refunds to the county associations, who are mandated to ensure that all monies are then paid to their Member Clubs.
4. Board to meet regularly via Skype/Conference Call to monitor the ever-changing situation, review the impact on bowls and plan accordingly - regular updates will be issued.

Club Closure until further notice
Posted by Secretary on 17 March 2020
Dear member,

We face an unprecedented set of circumstances. The recent ministerial statement outlines several actions that inevitably impinge upon LBC:

• everyone in the UK is now being advised to avoid "non-essential" contact with others
• people are also being asked to avoid pubs, clubs, theatres and social venues
• people are now being advised to stay at home for 14 days if they, or anyone in their household, has either a high temperature or a "new and continuous cough"
• people in at-risk groups (largely over 70s) will be asked within days to be "largely shielded from social contact" for 12 weeks.

As a consequence, the Management Committee and Trustees of Lillington Bowling Club have agreed that the clubhouse and the green will be closed from Saturday 21st March, until further notice.

(We have agreed that the Green Team can continue to service the maintenance needs of the club during this period).

We will endeavour to re-open the club whenever circumstances allow.

We wish all our members good fortune during this difficult period.
Coronavirus Precautionary Action Update
Posted by Secretary on 11 March 2020

Dear Members,
We are updating our advice to club members, considering the increasing prevalence of Coronavirus (Covid-19).

If you have recently visited the club and have subsequently been diagnosed with coronavirus or have come into close contact with someone who has subsequently been positively diagnosed, would you please let the club Secretary know (via email: or text 07964931453. Confidentiality will be assured.

The Management of LBC has a duty of care for the well-being of its membership whilst at the club. Information about the possibility of cross-contamination will enable appropriate advice and action to be taken.

We are also attaching a statement from the English Indoor Bowls Association about precautionary practice.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)
The English Indoor Bowling Association has been monitoring the situation regarding Coronavirus and following the publishing of the UK Governments’ plan, yesterday, wish to advise its Clubs, County Associations and Indoor bowlers of the following:

The EIBA are following the advice of Public Health England in the current plans for containment of the virus. As such we would advise clubs and bowlers, if not already doing so to implement: -

• Regular washing of hands

• Use of alcohol-based hand sanitisers

• Cough or sneeze into tissues which are then binned.

• Don’t touch your face unless you have washed your hands.

• Self isolation if the member believes they may have the symptoms.

In relation to the customary handshake at the start and end of matches, the EIBA recommend that this courtesy does not take place until the situation has improved.

Bowls ladder competition
Posted by Secretary on 08 March 2020

A new season long competition is being trialled this year. It takes the form of a competition ladder (like a squash or tennis ladder). Entry into the competition: £5.00. Players must agree to have their telephone numbers available for others in the competition.

1 A player registers an interest and his name is placed into a draw.
2 Players' names are then drawn for a position on the ladder.
3 See ladder below.

Rank Name Date match played
1 M Welch
2 P Sampson
3 P Gagg
4 S Poole
5 M Thomas
6 K Gebbels

4 A player can challenge a person on the ladder no more than three places above. So, M Thomas could challenge S Poole, P Gagg or P Sampson.
5 A match of 8 ends is then played, with two-woods, no marker, off-centre jacks.
6 If M Thomas wins, he moves up the board to the position held by the loser of the match. For example, if M Thomas challenges P Sampson and wins he would then change position with P Sampson on the board. If he loses the match he stays in the same position.
7 See ladder below

Rank Name Date match played
1 M Welch
2 M Thomas 4th May
3 P Gagg
4 S Poole
5 P Sampson 4th May
6 K Gebbels

6 Players can only challenge a player above them on the ladder. So, M Welch is not able to challenge any player given his standing on the board.
7 If challenged, a player must accept that challenge. The challenger should provide three dates and times for the match. (It is hoped that a mutual agreement can be reached). If the person challenged fails to play the match then his position on the ladder is taken by the challenger.
8 Once a match has been played, the two players involved cannot replay each other within a two-week period.
9 If a player fails to make a challenge within a four-week period, he will be re-positioned at the foot of the ladder. This rule does not apply to those ranked in the top-3.
10 On 2nd September at 8pm the competition will close, and a winner declared. A prize of 40% of the entry fee will be allocated to the winner and 20% to the runner-up, the remaining 40% staying with the club.
11 The ladder will be positioned in the clubhouse and players are required to move their names appropriately on the ladder after each match, making a note of the date a match has been played.
12 The competition administrator is Hugh Matthews, to whom any queries should be raised.

The ladder will be placed in the clubhouse and comprise a magnetic board with magnetic tiles. Names will be written on the tiles which will be arranged on a ladder format. After each match players will need to move name tiles up or down (or not) according to the result of the match.

To enter the competition please contact Hugh by email: or sign up on the club’s noticeboard. Entry fees should be posted into the bar's post box.
Coronavirus Precautionary Action
Posted by Secretary on 03 March 2020
In view of the current concerns relating to the Coronavirus it would be appreciated if any member who feels unwell or has been in contact with anyone who feels unwell that they stay away from the club for the advisory period of fourteen days.
The well publicised symptoms include headache, aches and pains, coughing and breathing difficulties.
Many thanks for your co-operation at this time.
Quiz Night Success
Posted by Secretary on 28 February 2020
The first quiz night of 2020 was a huge success. Sixty-four members enjoyed an evening of good food and quizzical fun. Allegedly, the questions varied from easy to middling, with some hard. At least that is what the winning team thought! Most of us thought that every question was a challenge. Helen Ellicott skipped her team to a romping success. Our sincere thanks to the Social Committee and the bar recruits for their hard work in making the evening such a pleasure. We all look forward to many more social events to come.